Witness Two Centuries of History of The City of Roses

Downtown Tour

This walking only tour provides a glimpse into the natural, architectural, and cultural history of downtown Portland. Upon arrival, you will receive a booklet of the 20 locations we will visit throughout this three hour tour. Use this booklet to compare Portland's current landscape with accurate historical context.

What To Look Forward To

Complimentary tour booklet with before and after photos and a brief history of each location


Two Hours


$ 50


We offer three tours: the Downtown, the Growth, and the Landmarks tour. Our favorites are the Downtown and Landmarks but with Portland's current growth we are selling out our Growth tours.



"I moved to Portland a few years ago and learned so much from our funny and informative tour guide on the evolution of Portland as I know it today." - Alex



"It was amazing to walk around downtown Portland comparing the images in the booklet to the current building or in some cases disappearance of a building." - Emily



"We were only in town for a day and decided to make the most of it with a tour. We covered almost the entire city. I couldn't have done that alone and our tour guide was so fun!" - Beatrix