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My name is Patrick Ting. I am a website designer living in upstate New York. I graduated from Portland Community College with an Associate's Degree in Website Design and Development. I love coding and building simple and responsive user interfaces. I firmly believe that keeping the design simple should not compromise the design but should compliment it. I also enjoy working on SEO, WordPress websites, as well as graphic design projects.

Along with designing websites, I also enjoy volunteering, playing musical instruments, cooking, art, and photography. I am always looking for new things to learn. Last summer I started to learn 3D modeling. Currently, however, I have decided to do volunteer work full time, something that I really enjoy and something that is very satisfying for me. For that reason, I am not taking in any work. Please still feel free to check out some of my work in the past.

My Work

Yellow Llama

Yellow Llama is a Peruvian restaurant in downtown Forest Grove. I built this website as part of my Cooperative Education class. This was the first website I built independent from any assistance from my instructors.

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Travelotopia was a personal project I had during the summer. Travelotopia is a fictional business that provides various tours in different countries. One of the main reasons I wanted to build this website was because I wanted to keep my skills sharp and get more experience during the summer break.

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Pete's Tinting

I built this website for my stepdad's window tinting business. This one page website is a redesign of one of the very first websites that I have built. I redesigned it during spring of 2017.

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Portland Tours

Portland Historical Tours is a fictional business that I built a website for as a personal project of mine. This feature site is actually a redesign of one of the first websites I designed. I redesigned this project during the summer of 2017.

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Thank you!

Thank you for thinking about reaching out to me. However, as I mentioned in my introduction and description of myself, I am not taking in any work because I have decided to volunteer full time, something that I have dreamed of doing ever since I was a small kid. I do apologize for the inconvenience. I hope you can find another website designer.

Although I am not taking any work, this website is still here as a way for me to practice and because website design has also become a hobby for me. This section of the site still exists to demonstrate a modal, where an overlay covers over the website without affecting usability of the rest of the website. If you are a website designer, please free to analyze my code as you wish as an inspiration.